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Twice a year is recommended. However, some patients need more frequent visits based on tooth/gum condition.
A thorough exam and cleaning will be done. X-rays taken if necessary. Homecare instructions will be reviewed. Oral cancer screening done and review of any treatment recommended.
The most common treatment is a night guard/ mouth guard. It is custom made and acts as a cushion to protect your teeth from wearing away. Since grinding is done subconsciously, being mindful and unclenching the teeth during the day would be helpful.

The most common cause of bad breath or halitosis is poor oral hygiene. Certain foods like garlic & onions, health conditions like sinusitis, stomach issues and dry mouth, habits like smoking can also cause bad breath.

Brushing and flossing the teeth and scraping/brushing the tongue should take care of the bad breath generally. But if it persists, you should seek care from a dentist/physician for further evaluation.

No, it doesn’t. In office whitening utilizes high concentration of hydrogen peroxide that is safe for the enamel. There may be mild temporary sensitivity associated with whitening.
We accept all major dental insurance with a PPO plan.
We have special pricing for those who don't have insurance. Please call us to know more. We accept all major credit cards and care credit.